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During the past decade, Filipino styles have been completely making a direct impact in the global fashion scene. They have strolled the runways of a few of the biggest manner houses on the globe. They may have also fronted fashion spreads and ad promotions abroad. These types of models are making dunes in the style industry and breaking some of the barriers which were set in the industry.

During her modeling career, Danica Magpantay possesses walked the runway for many for the top fashion houses and fashion brands in the world. Completely the daughter of past Filipino supermodel Lala Flores. This wounderful woman has also came out in many advertisement campaigns and has also appeared over the cover of Vogue. She is likewise the primary Filipino to win the Ford Supermodel of the World competition.

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Charo Ronquillo is yet another Filipino model that has been producing a identity for herself in the manner industry. This wounderful woman has modeled for lots of different brands which includes Tory Burch, Mac Cosmetics, Kenneth Cole and Lacoste. She gets also made an appearance in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Jessica Claire and Teen Fashion. She has as well worked with designer Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. She gets also patterned for brands such as Fossil, Lacoste and Kenneth Cole. She has also came out in manufacturer campaigns for Macintosh Cosmetics and Tory Burch.

The Philippines is actually a country where Filipino beauty is aware of no range. Second-generation models will be breaking the stereotypes that have long been associated with Filipino natural beauty. These models are using their platforms to promote physique positivity and environmental concerns.

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