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If a prolonged distance relationship can be moving too quickly, there are several things you can do to slow it down. A good way to slow things down should be to not drive your romance forward. Instead, let your partner take the lead. This will avoid strained interactions, and will also let you stay mentally healthy.

Another sign that a prolonged distance romance is moving too fast is over-enthusiasm. It’s not healthy to constantly text message each other, as well as to spend time discussing on the phone a whole lot. This can leave the two partners feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. It’s also unhealhy to continuously text and ask meant for meetings. Rather, take some time to become familiar with your partner better.

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Shifting too fast within a long length relationship can be nerve-racking and unsettling. However , it can benefit choose your relationship better in the end. It may also lead to much lower conflicts between you and your partner. As an example, in case your partner is consistently nervous or perhaps uncomfortable once your friends ask if you’re committed, that’s a signal that you’ve moved too quickly.

Another indication that your lengthy distance marriage is going too fast can be described as lack of quality time together. Despite the benefits of face-to-face time, you won’t get the same quality of conversation via texting too much. It’s important to spend at least 2-3 face-to-face time weekly with your mate.

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